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The official flag of the Empire of New Libertalia.

Echoing the minimalist spirit of our state, the flag of the Empire of New Libertalia sports a design of sleek simplicity. Adhering to a 2:3 ratio, the universally accepted proportion for national flags, it reflects a conscientious approach to tradition and international standards.

The flag draws inspiration from the rumored flag of the original Libertalia pirate colony, a banner completely immersed in white, symbolizing liberty, freedom, and peace.

However, in order to differentiate from the universal signal of surrender – a white flag – we’ve introduced a distinct element to our design. The lower tenth of our flag glows in vibrant yellow. This represents our Libertarian values and our commitment to minarchy or a night-watchman state that provides a minimal yet robust framework upon which our citizens can shape their communities and lives.

The upper ninety percent of our flag remains as a vast expanse of white, a nod to the reputed flag of the original colony, standing as a resounding emblem of liberty, freedom, and peace.