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Governance Structure

The Empire of New Libertalia operates as a federal monarchy, an unexpected choice for a micronation founded on the bedrock principles of liberty and freedom. Why not a democracy, seemingly the most libertarian system?

Contrary to popular belief, democracy has its shortcomings. Essentially, it can devolve into a tyranny of the majority, enabling the majority to impose their ideals and beliefs on the minority. Picture democracy on a micronational scale – it could be likened to two wolves and a sheep debating what’s for dinner.

Our monarchic structure safeguards the Empire’s guiding principles: unfettered liberty and freedom for all citizens. It presently offers the most robust defense against majority tyranny. However, within our Empire, individual states have the liberty to choose their local governance model. They can opt for democracy or any other system that aligns with their ideals and beliefs.

The Royal Family of the Empire of New Libertalia remains open to a future evolution of our governing system that would further enshrine individual sovereignty and protect minorities from being overwhelmed by the majority. In pursuit of this ideal, the Royal Family actively explores alternative systems and welcomes suggestions.

Autonomous States

Autonomous states form on territories directly owned by the Empire. The Empire’s laws determine the size and boundaries of these states.

Associated States

Associated states exist on lands owned by the state itself, separate from Empire-owned territories. This could result from a desire for a degree of independence, or geographical distances between Empire and state lands. The Empire’s laws concerning land ownership do not apply to these states, and their citizens do not possess rights to land within the Empire.

Observer States

Observer states publicly express their aspiration to join the Empire but neither own land within the Empire nor have direct ownership of any land.