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The Empire of New Libertalia

The individual fighting back against the oppressive collective.
The Empire of New Libertalia, alternatively known as The Empire of New Libertatia, embodies a micronational endeavor rooted in the principles of Libertarianism.

Micronations, by definition, are political entities that assert their sovereignty over specific territories, despite lacking formal recognition by larger, established nations and major global organizations. Labeled as a ‘concept’ because we currently lack a physical land to claim, our empire’s intentions and objectives remain steadfast. Our dedicated efforts toward land acquisition illuminate our commitment to realizing our vision.

Rejecting the notion of coercive participation in overpowering collectives, we champion individual liberty, personal sovereignty, and the freedom to align oneself with a chosen collective. In our quest to manifest a haven for authentic liberty and freedom, we abide by the stringent laws of larger nations, striving to establish a society where individuals from all walks of life can live free of undue scrutiny.

The Empire of New Libertalia operates under the model of a night-watchman state, or minarchy. As such, we provide our citizens with a minimalist legal framework to live within, allowing for the formation of chosen collectives with the autonomy to institute their own laws and legislation within our territories.

Our strength is in our diversity, fostering collective self-reliance and independence from dominant nations. As a micronation, our mission is to establish a framework that allows various real-world communities to mold their future. Simultaneously, we encourage cooperative trade, cultivating an empire of self-governing communities.